Allie Hendee believes in the art of styling her clients. She loves the transformation of making someone look and feel the best they can within their budget. Looking into her clients’ lifestyle, personality and body type as the base of the canvas, she works with you to build a customized wardrobe. 

Native Atlantan, Allie Hendee, received her Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Mississippi with emphasis in Sculpture, which lead to her experience in Visual Design at Saks. Exposure to the design within fashion lead Allie to her career in styling working for one of the best, Amy Nelson. Allie began to realize her passion for sculpting the body within a wardrobe. 


Native Atlantan, Allie Hendee, received her Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Mississippi with emphasis in Sculpture, leading her to Visual Design at Saks. Exposure to design within fashion led to Allie’s passion for sculpting the body within a wardrobe. After working for an established Atlanta stylist, Allie decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and launched a.hendee, LLC in the Fall of 2015.





Meet for 3-4 hours to go through your closet and edit what no longer serves a purpose. Allie will help you generate items that can be consigned, and then organize your closet in a manner that begins to show your personal style.


After your consultation, Allie will work with you to analyze your lifestyle, body type and personal taste in order to shop for items to fill in your wardrobe gaps.


Having a digital wardrobe on your mobile device will make dressing effortless no matter where you are going that day. All of your outfits will be photographed with shoes and accessories so that you have your unique, complete look.


Based on your itinerary and destination, your suitcase will be filled with only the items you will need and the outfit designs in your lookbook.  


Once you have worked with Allie to create your own personal style, she will assist you in transitioning your closet for the next season. This process consists of adding in new pieces and rotating out the current season within your closet.


Weddings, special events or black tie occasions, Allie will shop to find you the perfect dress, suit or tuxedo to make you feel great and effortless.


Allie will work with you to create your design and style for your Headshot, Branding or Editorial photo shoot.




“Packing for my trip to Mexico was so easy because Allie created a color palette that was easy to visualize and interchange with my shoes and accessories throughout my week away. It is the same with my entire wardrobe now. The time, stress and thought has been removed from my days because I have a Digital Lookbook as well as a fluid style. Thanks to Allie, I now feel relaxed and confident in what I am wearing!” 


“After several years of neglecting my closet, Allie was able to efficiently cut the items that were out of style or did not fit. In no time, she arrived at my home with a car load of clothes that fit me as well as my budget. The best part of working with her has been the money I’ve saved by not buying the “wrong” clothes.

Allie has now completely rebuilt my wardrobe and changed the way I look. It has rebuilt my confidence and my image both professionally and personally.”  


“Allie is the best! She came to my house and did a much needed closet clean out and organization. Then I gave her my budget. She helped fill the missing holes in my closet. She found me the most amazing pieces. I love them all. Now I don’t feel overwhelmed every time I need to get dressed. I love knowing I have the right clothes to wear at the right times!”